Looking Under Rocks

Scheaffer spends lots of his day (even before the snake) picking up one of the hundreds of rocks around our house and looking for the variety of creatures that call that dark, muddy habitat home. It is not unusual for me to hear a loud cry of “Daddy, come here!” from outside, such as in […]

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Meet Our New Diadophis Punctatus

Meet the Caston’s new Diadophis Punctatus, better known as a Ringneck Snake. Yesterday, Schaeffer discovered him (or her?) in the driveway. He now lives in captivity, calling a small Tupperware canister home. It comes complete with a soil bed, leaves and a shell to hold his water. Although his diet consists mainly of worms, we’re […]

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Welcome to Moe’s

Today, after I preached for Christ Community Church in Acworth/Kennesaw, GA, we met the worship leader, Steven Wooddell, his wife, Joy, and their 3 children for lunch at Moe’s Southwest Grill. They introduced us to Moe’s the last time I preached there on Dec. 30, 2007. Since then, our family has become a big fan […]

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Final Four

I’m in my home study trying to finish my sermon for tomorrow (preaching at Christ Community Church, Acworth, GA), but am being distracted by thoughts of tonight’s games, especially Memphis vs. UCLA. As a Memphis native, I’m pulling big-time for the Tigers. Whatever happens, it should be a great Final Four, with all number one […]

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Home Group Bible Study

Here is our Home Group that began in January ’08. We meet at our house for hang time and Bible study each Thursday night. So far we’ve been through Jonah and presently are cruising through Ephesians. Getting together with these great folks is definitely a highlight of our week. Click on the picture for a […]

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Johnny’s Pizza Celebration

Schaeffer won first place in the Classical Conversation’s Egg Drop Competition. No, it was not a soup contest, but an exercise in engineering a device that could keep an egg from cracking when dropped. Ann Ferris won second place in the Bridge Building Competition. No, not a contest in personal relationship development, but building a […]

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