Redeeming the Time

Here is a bit more practical advice from Gordon McDonald’s book, Ordering Your Private World.  In a section entitled “Recapturing Lost Time,” he gives three guiding principles for stewarding my time. This is timely (sorry for the pun) for me since I am in the midst of working on my upcoming personal schedule as a […]

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Ice Cream for Breakfast

Kristy and Ann Ferris caught a ride to Mississippi with Amy Coleman’s crew (who were headed back to Greenwood, MS) on Sunday, leaving Schaeffer, Sarah Wynn and me to fend for ourselves.  The result of this arrangement… Sarah Wynn had cookies and cream ice cream for breakfast today. : )

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Move Date and Free Lunch

We close on our home (affectionately called The Caston Cottage) in Dahlonega on July 24, and plan to move on Saturday, July 25. We will have practically everything boxed and ready to put into trucks, cars, and our U-Haul. There will be some unpacked lamps, pictures and garage stuff that will fit into most any […]

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Avoiding the Empty Inner Life

In Gordon McDonald’s book, Ordering Your Privte World, he writes, “We must be aware that there are leaders who can built great organizations (including churches) on natural gifts. Say the right words, be smart enough to do the right things, be insightful enough to connect the right people, and one can go a long way […]

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Sister to Sister

Schaeffer has been in Athens, GA, since Thursday, which has giving Ann Ferris and Sarah Wynn lots of “sister time.” While Ann Ferris was taking her turn playing with Sarah Wynn on MarioKart, Sarah Wynn drew this picture. : ) "I luv u Ann Ferris"

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Happy 500th Birthday JC!

Today is the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth. It is said that there are two men who have had more influence on western civilization in the past five centuries than anyone else (besides Jesus), both of whom share a common birthday (though three hundred years apart): Charles Darwin and… John Calvin.  Calvin was one […]

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Two Realities

Living in the midst of two realities is helpful to human sanity. One reality is that I live in a broken, fallen, sinful world, and that I am broken, fallen and sinful myself. I am part of the problem, not just other people.  The second reality is the hope of redemption that comes through the […]

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Deactivating the Force Field

This morning I enjoyed breakfast with a good friend. During our conversation, I began to realize that I have lived for years with a “relational forcefield” in place. It is invisible and no one can really see it. However, it functions as a self-protective device that prevents people from knowing the real McKay. I call […]

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The Right Enemy

On Monday night we attended a family discipleship group at the home of Karleen and Rich Cannon in Roswell.  As we broke up after dinner into groups around tables, something was said that really made an impact upon me: “To win the battle, I must fight the right enemy.”  How often do I mistake the […]

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Rutledge Falls

Sorry that I’ve been negligent with our family posts. We’re getting ready to move and life is a bit crazy. But enough of the excuses, and now a pic of the kids at Rutledge Falls. That water is ICE cold!

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Ministry is a Gift

In 2 Corinthians 4:1, Paul says, “Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart.”  He recognizes that the ministry he has if a gift and a privilege. Like his salvation, his ministry is an expression of grace to him from God. That is how I am feeling right now– […]

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The Gospel Centered Life Curriculum

I just received a preview copy of World Harvest Mission’s The Gospel Centered Life 9-week discipleship course. Wow! It is UNREAL. If you are a church planter, church leader, or want some of the best gospel material available for you and/or your family, go to and get it.  I plan to use it extensively […]

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A Declaration of Freedom

In Galatians 5:1, the apostle Paul says, “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” The slavery he means is the slavery to religion and its system of legalistic self-righteous. Since my heart leans that way by default, I need to hear this […]

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ESV Study Bible

If you have not discovered the ESV (English Standard Version) Study Bible, I highly encourage you to consider purchasing one.  The best part might be that if you buy a printed version, you get a code that unlocks the entire ESV Online Study Bible, which is one of the very best online Bible resources available, […]

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The Wounded Healer

I read an interesting article on the unique struggles associated with being a pastor (Thanks to Matt Redmond for the lead).  Here are some snippets. For the entire article, go here. When someone comes to a pastor the pastor can’t say “you’re a jerk, I don’t feel like talking to you today” or “your problems […]

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We’re back…

After two weeks of vacation in Monteagle, TN, we are back and ready to pack. But before that, I wanted to catch y’all up on that vacation. I’ll post some pics over the next few days. Here is a sample from a day at the pool. Some of the girls posing. Ann Ferris is on […]

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