Rethink Mission

A really good friend of mine just launched a new ministry called Rethink Mission.  You can check it out here.  I am honored to serve on his advisory team, and contributed this blurb about his ministry: “Jonathan is a great friend who is passionate about connecting the gospel to our culture. However, what makes RethinkMission […]

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Filing Chapter 7

The sad reality in our present economy is that many people and businesses are having to file bankruptcy. However, there are two kinds of bankruptcy. One is chapter 11, which is where a company is in bad shape and just needs a special deal with some time to recover financially. Eventually, the company expects to […]

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Jesus Died for the Ungodly

One of my favorite books is Transforming Grace, by Jerry Bridges. It is a simple, but profound and deeply helpful exploration into what it means to live by faith in the justifying, adopting and sanctifying grace of God. In a quote I came across last night, Bridges says, “The Bible never speaks of God’s grace […]

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Post-Move Event Sample

Moving, getting the house set up, and launching a new church are my excuses for not posting here recently. And if those don’t work, I’ve got more. : ) So sorry! Here are some photos of recent events in the Caston family…

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Unshakable Confidence

Archibald Alexander was the first instructor for Princeton seminary back in the early 1800s. One of his books is entitled, unglamorously, though rich with deep spiritual insight, Thoughts on Religious Experience.  In chapter 8, he discusses how Christians grow from infancy into maturity. Concerning the lack of growth, he says, “There is a defect in […]

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Being Real with God in Worship

In days gone by I used to invite people into worship telling them to leave their “worldly cares” outside and to “just focus on God.” What?! That is craziness. Focusing on God is good. But I should not come to worship hiding my pain, brokenness, sin, anger, frustration, “worldly” joys, suffering, questions, anxieties, etc. If […]

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More Than Forgiven

Wayne Grudem, in his outstanding Systematic Theology, says that Jesus didn’t just die for my sins.  In what may be the most significant aspect of the gospel, Grudem says, “If Christ had only earned forgiveness of sins for us, then we would not merit heaven… For this reason, Christ had to live a life of […]

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The Primary Goal of Parenting

I love it when my children are obedient. Now, don’t get me wrong. They are not always obedient— far from it!  (After all, they are my kids, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.)  I said that I love it when they are obedient, particularly because it makes my life so much easier.  […]

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No Job is “Secular”

Eugen Peterson says, “Separating life into distinct categories of ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’ damages, sometimes irreparably, any attempt to live… to the glory of God…. The damage to life is most obvious when the separation is applied to daily work… [but] work, by its very nature, is holy.” For example, when God send the Israelites back […]

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The Dahlonega Church Plant Has a Name!

After polling many Dahlonegans and potential core group folks, we now have a name for the Dahlonega Church Plant—CREEKSTONE CHURCH! WHY CREEKSTONE? The Bible records in 1 Samuel 17 that an Israelite boy named David represented his people in battle against a huge, seemingly undefeatable enemy. The future of the nation was in David’s hands, […]

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Re-Discovering the Gospel

Let me introduce you to an obscure pastor in NYC whose ministry has been formative for me. His name is Tim Keller. Okay, maybe he’s not so obscure. : )  Anyway, at today’s New Chruch Network meeting down in Buckhead, he was quoted (again).  This really captures the heart of his ministry, and what I […]

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The Difficulty of

Reflecting on 1 & 2 Kings, Eugene Peterson says, “Sovereignty, God’s sovereignty, is one of the most difficult things for people of faith to live out in everyday routines. But we have no choice: God is sovereign.”

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The Greater Joshua

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Those are the words of the LORD spoken to Joshua as he was about to lead the nation of Israel across the Jordan River  into “the promised land.” The problem is […]

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Day on the Lake

This past Thursday our family enjoyed a cookout and ski day on Lake Lanier as we celebrated Brittany McDonald’s birthday. To see some fun pics, including Schaeffer water-skiing for the very first time, go here.

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New Glasses, New View

The biblical books that follow the Books of Moses are called the History Books. As we read the dates and events of the recorded history, we should be aware that these dates and events are part of God’s story. As Eugene Peterson says, “History is the medium in which God works salvation, just as pain […]

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Many Friends = Good Times

We had a total blast with the Campus Outreach staff from North Georgia at our home on Wednesday night.  A couple from Cleveland, GA, and an incoming freshman (musician!) also joined us. Today friends from Atlanta came up to hang out and play at our house, and tonight, Kristy and I joined fellow Perimeter planters […]

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