He Knows Me By Name

In John 10, Jesus says that he is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep, and that “he calls his own sheep by name…” Yes, Jesus is the redemptive substitute for the church as a people and a “flock” (plural). However, he is also the redemptive substitute for sheep as individuals. […]

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Schaeffer’s Turtle

Schaeffer “Nature Boy” Caston caught this turtle this morning down by the creek, as well as a nice crawdad (in a cup, not pictured). The snake was captured last Saturday on our driveway by a friend, Matt Stephenson.  See the full gallery on Posterous

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Creekstone News (Oct. 9, 2009)

Hello friends, Here is the latest Creekstone news (Oct. 9, 2009): 1. The audio of A Taste of Creekstone is now available on our website under the resources/audio tab: www.creekstonechurch.com 2. “Fight Club” (a unique, 8-week gathering/study for men) will begin meeting on Wednesday mornings at 6:30 at The Wagon Wheel Restaurant beginning Oct. 21 […]

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Taste of Creekstone Follow-Up

Hello Creekstone friends, I want to extend another huge thank you for those who were able to attend A Taste of Creekstone this past Sunday night. The turnout was amazing, and confirms that there is interest for a new church in the area that aims to glorify God by helping people come alive to the […]

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Imagine a Church…

At Creekstone, we are imagining and dreaming, that by grace alone, we will be a church that… 1. GLORIFIES God by tying and tethering everything about its ministry to the life-revolutionizing power of God’s grace in Jesus. 2. EMBRACES both the authoritative truth of the written Word and the active ministry of the Holy Spirit, […]

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Taste of Creekstone Photo Highlights

Last night was Creekstone’s first official information meeting, A Taste of Creekstone.  It was an over-the-top encouraging time for me to see such interest in the new church, and hopefully it was informative and inspiring to those who were able to attend. The turnout was more than we could ever have expected- wow!  So thanks […]

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