What Would You Do With $11 Million?

This just in from CNN: A Canadian couple who won an $11 million lottery jackpot say they’re “just country hicks” who really don’t need that kind of money, so they’ve given most of it away, The Canadian Press reported. Allen and Violet Large have been married for 36 years, live in a 147-year-old house in Lower […]

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Making Much of Jesus

I am reading Restoring Broken Things, by Scotty Smith and Stephen Curtis Chapman. One sentence stood out to me today that I think is profound and helpful. They say, “Christians, more than anything else, are called to ‘make much of Jesus.’” Sounds great, but how?  How do I make much of Jesus? I have thought […]

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Get Ready for the City!

Hello Creekstone folks. Get ready for the launch of the City, a tool which we think is going to serve us really well. It will be a way to communicate on a large scale, within groups (without having to send mass emails) and individually. Not only will we be able to keep in touch between […]

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