You Can Make a Difference!

You can make a difference. As we look to add a second service for six weeks beginning Sunday, Aug. 18, there are a number of opportunities to serve on our volunteer Ministry Teams. If you are willing to serve, I assure you that you will make a difference! Here are the needs and whom to […]

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The Gospel Rocks

Journalist Piers Morgan interviewed radio shock-jock Howard Stern in January, 2011. At one point in the interview, Morgan brought up Stern’s relationship with his father, asking, “How often does [your father] say to you, ‘Great show, Howard’?” Even though you couldn’t see Stern’s eyes because of the dark glasses, the pain in his heart was […]

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Update on Hope Nix

Lenore and Nate are still at Eggleston Hospital with Hope and may be there until next Friday. The doctors  are monitoring Hope’s sub-clinical seizures in order to determine when they can take her off a feeding tube and make a plan for heading home.  Since she is having fewer seizures,  the medications seem to be […]

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Help for the “People Pleaser”

Marlene Dietrich was a German-born American actress and singer whose life stretched for almost the entirety of the 20th century. She made the top hat and tails famous in her world renown cabaret shows. Her biographer tells us that she frequently gathered friends to her home, especially rivals Judy Garland and Noel Coward, to listen […]

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Creekstone Ministry Leaders

This is a list of Creekstone ministry leaders and their contact emails. McKay Caston, Pastor of Preaching & Leadership Andy Woznicki, Pastor of Community & Discipleship Matt Stephenson, Pastoral/Administrative Assistant Jay Smorey, Coordinator of Music and Technology Graham Sibley, Coordinator of Youth Ministries Dottie Smorey, Coordinator of Children’s Ministries […]

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Creekstone’s Essential Beliefs

The Bible The Bible is God’s special revelation to humanity, centering on the glory of God’s grace through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, as the word of God, the Bible alone is our ultimate authority for all of life, theologically, devotionally and practically. Faith People are reconciled to God, not by their […]

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