Preaching Grace in 2014

Archibald Alexander, in Thoughts Concerning Religious Experience (1844): “Why is there so little advancement made [in living the Christian life]? First, there is a defect in our belief in the freeness of divine grace. To exercise unshaken confidence in the doctrine of gratuitous pardon is one of the most difficult things in the world… Christians cannot but […]

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Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar (audio)

This is the audio from Creekstone’s recent Grace-Centered Marriage Seminar led by my wife, Kristy, and me. It was geared for engaged couples and newleyweds, but is applicable for folks at any stage of marriage. Covering both theological and practical issues, we hope that this material is helpful toward facilitating a more grace-centered experience of […]

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Take the Next Step

This past Sunday at Creekstone we talked about the Bible’s teaching on church membership, that those who are members of THE church family (globally) are assumed to be members of A church family (locally). In other words, like grapes grow in clusters on a vine, so do Christians. If you missed the message, let me […]

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What to do Before Your Kids Leave Home

In an interview with Marilyn Stewart in December 2013, Nancy Pearcy, author of Total Truth and Saving Leonardo, describes the importance of providing a place to doubt and wrestle through tough questions and how that relates to why many youth lose their once-affirmed Christian convictions after they leave home. In Saving Leonardo I describe a […]

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The Dysfunctional Church

Let’s face it, the church is a dysfunctional family. This means that the issue is not whether we will face conflict, it is how we are going to deal with it. What if conflict and dysfunction could be a redemptive, gospel opportunity to go deeper together as a community? What tools have God given us […]

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Get Ready for “Side-by-Side”

What is Side By Side? “It is a one day event uniting Lumpkin County churches of all denominations together in Christ to serve this community. Although each church is doing local mission work on a smaller scale, imagine the impact when the faith community gathers together and cooperatively works to meet the needs of our […]

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What’s Coming Up at Creekstone

CREEKSTONE 101 • April 4-5 Creekstone 101 is a seminar designed to introduce folks to the mission, vision, history, philosophy of ministry and theology of Creeksotne, as well as to describe the meaning of and pathway to membership. Although C-101 is a prerequisite to membership, participating does not obligate you to join. We hope that […]

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