Paradoxical Leadership

Dan Allender, in his book, Leading with a Limp, asks a question, “Is living out the gospel in this world meant to be marked by an inverted, paradoxical, mysterious twist on what most people expect of a leader?” He answers with a resounding “yes,” saying that the paradox of biblical leadership is that the chief leader must be […]

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Unschooled, Ordinary Men

God chooses and uses the weak things of this world to accomplish supernatural results in ministry. I think we need to emphasize “supernatural,” because there can also be “worldly” results in the church. Numbers. Programs. Energy. Fame. And so we look for leaders like Saul. Big. Impressive. Powerful. But God’s model for a leader would […]

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Walking with Jesus

The Bible talks about “walking with God.” I suppose this means that as I live each day, I am to be in conscious fellowship with him who is with me—really with me, as if we were walking down the road together. It’s better than a “Quiet Time” (as very profitable and essential as focused, daily […]

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Jesus + Nothing

“The death of the Lord Jesus is absolutely unique. It is subsitutionary. There is no death like Jesus’ death… His substitutionary death on the cross, in space and time in history, had infinite value because of who His is as God. Thus nothing need be added to the substitutionary value of His death, nor can […]

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Losing My Religion

In his book, Soul Talk, Larry Crabb says, “Religion is the invention of the Devil.” Steve Brown agrees, saying, “I hate religion.” That was the discussion for last week’s Caston Family Discipleship gathering after dinner. I asked my kids what makes the Gospel different from all other religions. I was delighted when they answered, “Grace!” Of […]

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Why Go to Church?

Why go to church? Not a bad question, actually. To make the answer reasonably short, we could say that there are two possible options: we go to give or to get. The law says go to church that you may give to God. But the gospel says that we go to church so that we may […]

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And That’s It?

I am a recovering Pharisee who falls off of the wagon all of the time, slipping back into a mode of self-righteous pride (when I think I do well) and insecurity (when I fail, or if someone else does well).  So what I need is radically grace-centered preaching to keep my heart in line with the gospel. That […]

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The Promises of Forgiveness

In Ken Sande’s book, The Peacemaker, he outlines the four promises of forgiveness. In other words, this is what I am saying to someone when I say, “I forgive you.” “I will not bring this incident up against (ie, to use against) you again.” (Of course, if someone is struggling with an ongoing pattern of […]

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Time to Take Out the Trash

Check out this paraphrase of Philippians 3:7-9 from Eugene Peterson’s, The Message.  For those who are looking for something to do today as they follow Jesus, here ’tis. The very credentials these people are waving around as something special, I’m tearing up and throwing out with the trash—along with everything else I used to take credit […]

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The Great Discovery

“Grant that I may always weep to the praise of mercy found and tell others as long as I live that thou art a sin-pardoning God, taking up the blasphemer and the ungodly, and washing them from their deepest stain.” From a prayer, The Great Discovery, in The Valley of Vision, p. 62.

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Good Medicine

I read a blog post from Bill Kynes this morning that was really helpful. It encouraged pastors to focus on the one thing that they can uniquely contribute to the church—their role as a physician of the soul. The medicine, of course, is the gospel, and it must be dispensed in every possible way—from preaching, to […]

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