A Simple 5-Step Process for Creating Compelling Sermon Introductions

Here is a 5-step process for creating a compelling sermon introduction. The goal is to have people wanting to hear your message--feeling a deep need for what you are planning to say because you will be answering a burning, practical question with a biblical solution (that is tied and tethered to the cross).

Those who preach regularly want to create this kind of sermon anticipation. I am finding that this problem/solution model is an effective method for helping folks "lean in."  

For more on this topic, go to the longer post here

For now, to keep it simple, just follow this 5-step sermon intro process:

  1. Raise a problem addressed by the text.
  2. Illustrate it.
  3. Make a personal connection to the problem or issue.
  4. State the problem in the form of a question.
  5. Segue to the text by stating how the passage addresses the problematic issue with a solution or the wisdom needed to deal with the problem in a practical way.

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