Becoming a Lefty

In honor of Martin Luther for posting his historic, and gospel recovering 95 Theses on this date in 1517, I want to reflect on a significant implication of grace that Luther discovered. After all, Martin Luther spoke of two kinds of power: right-handed power and left-handed power. Right handed power is the strength of man. It is what we can do in our own ability. Left handed power is the strength of God in man. It is what he can do in and through our weakness—with our left (usually weaker) hands. For those of us who are coming to realize that our right-handed power is really no power at all, isn’t it exciting to think about what is now possible? It will take some adjustment, but I’m willing (and eager!) to learn what it will mean and look like to become a lefty. To be a left handed husband, father, preacher, leader, etc. is a thrilling prospect!