The Three Postures

Disagreements are part of living in a world with humans who each have differing perspectives, personalities, experiences, preferences, opinions, passions, gifts, and expectations. Being different is okay. The problem is when being different becomes an opportunity for unhealthy conflict. I mention unhealthy conflict because there really is a way to engage in healthy conflict. Yeah, […]

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This Assignment Will Cause You to Live on Your Knees before the Cross

If you have not heard of The Sonship Tongue Assignment, let me introduce you.  Sonship is a discipleship course developed by Dr. Jack Miller and others through the ministry of World Harvest Mission (now called Serge). The emphasis of the course is to help Christians live functionally (vs theoretically) as adopted sons and daughters of God by focusing […]

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What is Your Thorn in the Flesh?

In 2 Corinthians 12, the apostle Paul describes an affliction he calls a “thorn in the flesh.” We don’t know the precise nature of his thorn, except that it likely wasn’t a literal thorn. Biblical commentators have suggested that his personal scourge may have been a struggle with epilepsy or some other physical ailment. Others have proposed that it […]

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Into the Unknown, Pt. 2: Unrelenting Love

On October 23, 2015, with sustained winds of 215 miles per hour, Hurricane Patricia became the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded, making landfall the following day on the western coast of northern, Mexico. Patricia was a “Category 5” on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, which measures a storm’s sustained winds. If the index had envisioned a Patricia, […]

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The Grace of Surrender

One of the most memorable events in my childhood was living through the New Madrid Earthquake of March 1976 in Memphis, Tennessee. While not as well-known as the San Andreas Fault, the New Madrid seismic zone extends 150 miles south from Cairo, Illinois, through New Madrid, Missouri, to Marked Tree, Arkansas. It reaches into Kentucky […]

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The Sanctifying Spirit

In the early 2000s, Judge Michael Eakin became famous for delivering his verdicts with poetic justice. Literally poetic. For example, in a Pennsylvania Supreme Court case involving a woman who claimed a lie about an engagement ring should void her prenuptial agreement, Eakin ruled,  “A groom must expect matrimonial pandemonium / when his spouse finds he’s given her […]

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Hand-Picked: the Spirit of Adoption

It has been over twenty years since I read the article in Tabletalk Magazine. I don’t remember the author’s name or what the piece was about, but I do remember at least part of the author’s bio. He was the father of seven children, in his words, “three home-grown and four hand-picked.” By hand-picked he was […]

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