Try Calling Him Jesus

The Old Testament prophesied the coming of an Anointed One, a Deliverer like Moses who would be born to set his people free — not from an oppressive nation-state but from their sinful-state as traitors before the law of God. As Isaiah proclaimed, “6 For to us a child is born, to us a son […]

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Passion Week/Friday: Great Friday

Quick Navigation A Torturous DeathHumiliationA Closer LookSubstitutionA Shadow of JesusThe Tables Turned A Torturous DeathIt’s Friday. Jesus has been betrayed, arrested, judged, scourged, and is now hanging from a cross, each breath requiring searing pain to shoot from nailed hands and feet as he would be forced to pull himself up upward against gravity to refill […]

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Passion Week/Thursday: A Shocking Moment

Quick Navigation An Ancient CustomThe UnthinkableThe Power of IdentityMore Than Pouring WaterThe Driving Motive It is Thursday evening.The disciples have gathered with Jesus to celebrate Passover together in “the upper room.” Jesus would not sleep again until the sleep of death that he would enter through suffering upon an executioner’s cross the next day. And he […]

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Passion Week/Wednesday: Brutal Honesty

Quick Navigation Silent WednesdayPreparing and PlottingPrayer in the GardenThe Problem with Pre-Washed LanguageTransparency and Trust Silent WednesdayWith so much focus in the Gospels on Passion Week, there are no recorded events or sayings that take place on Wednesday.  We do know this. Jesus was preparing and the Jewish leaders were plotting.  Tomorrow would be the Last Supper, […]

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Passion Week/Tuesday: Readiness

Quick Navigation Kingdom ParablesReadinessChristian AtheismWaking Up to Infinite Joy Kingdom ParablesOn Tuesday, Jesus has an encounter with a group of Pharisees and teachers of the law, men who will be the final opposition force to Jesus as the Christ. He begins to teach about the Kingdom of God with parables.   In Matthew 21, we read, […]

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Passion Week/Monday: Holy Violence

Quick Navigation An Unexpected PortraitUnrighteous Anger Holy ViolenceRough-Hewn Beams Today’s Scripture for day one of Passion Week is Matthew 21:12-13, a scene from Monday of Passion Week. 12 And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all who sold and bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of […]

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How to Resolve Marriage Conflict

Table of Contents Marriage Will Not Fix the ProblemMarriage Needs Ongoing MaintenanceThe Human ConditionThe Two Options for Ending a WarThe Critical QuestionA Lesson from the Master’sThe Way of ReconciliationUnclogging the SinkApply the Principle   1. Suspect yourself2. Take a Look in the Bucket3. Change the Oil4. Let Defensiveness be a Red Flag5. Read It TogetherResolving Conflict […]

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Being a Friend, not a Fixer

For Christmas this year, my wife gave me When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend, by Mark Meynell. I have devoured it like a New York size slice of sausage and peperoni pizza after a 24-hour fast. Kristy knew this book would speak to me in a very personal way. Over the years, she has walked with […]

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Of Prophets and Meteorologists

Meteorologists have a tough job. They are called upon to predict the weather, often attempting an extended forecast days in advance. Sometimes they are accurate. Sometimes they miss badly. Still, we appreciate the work meteorologists do in giving us a heads up about what to wear or whether or not to head up the mountains […]

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What Happened to Scrooge?

You know the classic story by Dickens, A Christmas Carol. The main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, is a life-long miser. Unmarried. No children. No friends. But lots of money. Loving his fortune, he keeps a close eye on “the books,” making sure that there is no decrease in his personal wealth. When approached with the greeting, […]

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Freshly Broken

If you, like me, have been made freshly aware of and broken over the wretchedness of your sin, the video below from Ray Cortese is for you. If you, like me, are or have been in a state of blindness concerning your self-righteouss pride and hardness of heart, this message will not make sense now […]

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