The Rewards of Generosity

The Treasure Principle Until his death in 1976, Maxey Jarman was the longtime president of the Genesco Shoe Company in Nashville. Over his lifetime, he gave away millions. Near the end of his life, our country experienced political upheaval and a financial crisis which led to a drastic reduction in his net worth. In an interview, […]

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The Unexpected Path to Contentment

The Miserable Tycoon In his autobiography, Just as I Am, the late Billy Graham tells a story about the time he and his wife, Ruth, were invited to visit with one of the wealthiest men in the world at his vacation home on an island in the Carribean. Graham recalls the lavish accommodations, including a […]

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Every Christian is a Farmer

The Faith It Takes to Farm About fifteen years ago, when I lived in a farming community in Mississippi, an older man once quipped that he couldn’t be a row crop farmer if he were not a Christian. I asked him why. He said it was because farming is such a faith venture where you […]

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The Problem Nobody Admits

The Problem No One AdmitsOf all the issues people have brought to me for counseling, I have never had anyone confess to me the sin of greed or materialism.But if there is one issue that represents a tumor of unbelief that produces spiritual gangrene in the soul, it is an idolatrous dependency on money and possessions […]

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Transferring Ownership

Is More Money the Solution to My Problems?Other than the kingdom of God, Jesus spoke about money and possessions more than any other topic because he knew that few things have the power to steal joy more than the love of money.But I thought financial abundance was a prerequisite to joy? If only I had […]

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When You Feel Lost, Do This.

Lost in the WoodsMike Vilhauer just wanted to catch some fish, but on August 6, 2014, the 58-year-old from Sacramento wandered off the trail into the mountain wilderness to look for grasshoppers he could use as live bait. It took a while, but his journey paid off.Until it didn’t.After collecting a tube-full of little critters, he looked […]

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Taking the Low Ground

The Battle of Gettysburg was fought during the first week of July in 1863. If you are familiar with Michael Shaara’s historical novel, The Killer Angels, or have seen the 1993 film Gettysburg, you know that the struggle for Little Round Top was the turning point at Gettysburg, which many historians consider the most pivotal […]

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My Need for a Good Samaritan

Skid Row My eldest recently moved from the quiet and safety of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee to downtown Chattanooga. After a recent visit to see her new digs, Kristy and I took a back road as a short cut to a restaurant where we were going to meet my daughter and a friend for dinner. It […]

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Turning the Tables on Pass/Fail Religion

In Luke 7:36–50, Jesus turns over the tables on “pass/fail” religion.In pass/fail religion, the world is divided between those who are passing and those who are failing. In other words, good people pass and bad people fail. In this system, good people deserve to be rewarded with a good life while bad people deserve to receive coal and ashes.This is how the […]

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Am I Sick Enough to Need Jesus?

I never suffered with allergies until I moved to Georgia. Along with the beauty of the mountains, there is something in the air, some strain of pollen or grass that triggers a river to begin flowing within my sinuses. My throat gets sore. My eyes itch. My head aches. Eventually, when I just couldn’t take it […]

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3 Ways Elders are Pacesetters

Quick Navigation Pace CarsElders Show Us How to CareElders Show Us How to ServeElders Show us How to Lead”Will You Give Your Blood?” Pace CarsThe first use of a pace car in automobile racing took place in 1911 at the inaugural Indy 500.A pace car is designed to do just what it says—it sets the […]

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What is the Fundamental Entrance Requirement for Membership in the Kingdom of God?

Anyone who applies for admission to a university knows that there are entrance requirements. Typically, you have to have an accredited high school diploma. There is often a standardized test minimum score requirement. Sometimes, essays are required as well as participation in extracurricular activities and community service.In this post, we are going to talk about […]

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4 Factors that Contribute to Healthy Church Growth

Table of Contents Introduction – The Lake Zwerner Spillway1. A HEALTHY CHURCH EMPHASIZES THE BASICS OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH.A Simple DietWhat does this mean for us?What about TV, Internet, Podcasts and Books?Key Take-Away2. A HEALTHY CHURCH EXPECTS THE MIRACULOUS.The Presence of the Holy SpiritModern-Day Miracles3. A HEALTHY CHURCH DEMONSTRATES UNCOMMON GENEROSITY.Gospel GivingWhat is the church known […]

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Dandelions of Grace: 3 Perspectives on “Sending”

Quick Navigation Introduction – Our MoveA Partnership Saying GoodbyeA Dandelion of Grace1. THE PROBLEMS WITH SENDING   Fear of the UnknownFeelings of Loss and Heartache2. THE PURPOSE OF SENDINGSending = ExtendingA Lesson from Biology3. THE PLACES FOR SENDINGA New PerspectiveWe All Have Been SentGospel conclusion – William Borden  Three Famous PhrasesSending Requires Receiving Introduction – Our MoveWhen […]

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