Into the Unknown, Pt. 2: Unrelenting Love

On October 23, 2015, with sustained winds of 215 miles per hour, Hurricane Patricia became the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded, making landfall the following day on the western coast of northern, Mexico. Patricia was a “Category 5” on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, which measures a storm’s sustained winds. If the index had envisioned a Patricia, […]

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The Grace of Surrender

One of the most memorable events in my childhood was living through the New Madrid Earthquake of March 1976 in Memphis, Tennessee. While not as well-known as the San Andreas Fault, the New Madrid seismic zone extends 150 miles south from Cairo, Illinois, through New Madrid, Missouri, to Marked Tree, Arkansas. It reaches into Kentucky […]

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The Sanctifying Spirit

In the early 2000s, Judge Michael Eakin became famous for delivering his verdicts with poetic justice. Literally poetic. For example, in a Pennsylvania Supreme Court case involving a woman who claimed a lie about an engagement ring should void her prenuptial agreement, Eakin ruled,  “A groom must expect matrimonial pandemonium / when his spouse finds he’s given her […]

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Hand-Picked: the Spirit of Adoption

It has been over twenty years since I read the article in Tabletalk Magazine. I don’t remember the author’s name or what the piece was about, but I do remember at least part of the author’s bio. He was the father of seven children, in his words, “three home-grown and four hand-picked.” By hand-picked he was […]

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Does God Still Perform Miracles?

Two weeks after I turned fifteen, my grandmother died of stomach cancer and was buried within the wall of a beautiful stone mausoleum in Memphis, TN. Losing her was emotionally devastating, as I practically grew up at her house, spending as many nights at her house as I had at my own – nights filled […]

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Subjective Feelings, Objective Truth, and the Importance of a Reliable Compass

Gulliver’s Travels is Jonathan Swift’s satirical story about a shipwrecked man who encounters all kinds of previously unknown and bizarre cultures. In the film adaptation, Gulliver has been placed in a mental hospital, undergoing evaluation to consider whether he is of sound mind and ready to be released. One of the hospital administrators asks whether he […]

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The Power We Need

Last week, just after our family finished supper and was transitioning from the dining room into the den to play a board game, without warning the power went out. There was no wind. No severe weather. So, we took it in stride, lit some candles, and started the game. Several hours later, again without warning, […]

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Read Below or Listen Here In 1908, a team of Scottish and Irish Presbyterian missionaries to Manchuria wrote a letter home describing an unexpected but undeniable manifestation of God. You may need to know that northern European Christians are not known for their spiritual exuberance. The same thing was true during the early to mid […]

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The Rewards of Generosity

The Treasure Principle Until his death in 1976, Maxey Jarman was the longtime president of the Genesco Shoe Company in Nashville. Over his lifetime, he gave away millions. Near the end of his life, our country experienced political upheaval and a financial crisis which led to a drastic reduction in his net worth. In an interview, […]

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