Five Truths to Embrace Every Day

5 orangesIn view of the cross and resurrection, here are five gospel truths that I need to embrace every day in order to re-align my heart with the grace of God in Jesus.

  1. I am completely forgiven. Through the cross, my sins have been covered so that I am now a citizen in good standing in the kingdom of God. In heaven, I am teflon. No charges will ever stick on me because they have already stuck to Jesus. He received justice so that I could receive mercy. Because of his substituting himself in my place, I am completely forgiven.
  2. I am perfectly righteous. Since Jesus took my sin upon himself, he now gives me his own record to wear as my new standing before the Father. The cross is the glorious imputation/transfer of my sin record to Jesus and his perfect moral record to me. Neither my sin nor my success defines me. I am defined by the perfect righteousness that the Father has given to me in Jesus.
  3. I am supernaturally empowered.  It is the Spirit who produces the new life in those who were spiritually dead in their sins and empowers the newly resurrected believer by cultivating fruit from within as he or she abides in the Vine of Jesus as his/her only righteousness. I do not need to face this day in my own power, but in the supernatural strength and grace of the Spirit. In fact, it is when I am weak that I am strong.
  4. I am dearly loved. The gospel is not merely a legal declaration, but involves familial inclusion. We call this adoption. I am no longer a spiritual orphan, but a dearly and eternally loved son or daughter of God.  This is my new identity. I am the disciple whom Jesus loves! There is nothing that I can do to make him love me more and nothing I can do to cause him to love me less. His love is perfect, complete and eternal.
  5. I am totally secure.  My Savior/King is sovereign over all creation. Since he has the plan and is in c0mplete control, I can trust him. I can trust him when things look utterly unredeemable. I can trust him with my failures. I can trust him with small things and large things, with personal events and global events.  I am just a child asleep in the back of the van while my Father drives through the storm. He has the plan and knows where we are going. Since he is in total control, I am totally secure.