Five Words You Can Say to Stop the Bleeding for Those Who Blow It

I recently came across a video of a high speed motorcycle road race. Crash after crash. Bodies hurdling, colliding, tumbling. It was painful to watch. I can’t imagine how the riders felt. Ouch.

But you don’t have to watch motorcycle crashes to feel someone’s pain. Any sin is like that. Played out in living color right before our eyes. Ouch.

When someone knows that their flesh has caused them to lose control and slam into the retaining wall, my first response probably should not be a rebuke for losing control. I should feel compassion and desire to help.

When the issue is sin, there are five words I have found that almost immediately stop the bleeding.

Five words.

“There is grace for that.” Yes, even for that–whatever that is.

Grace is not where we need to end up. Grace is where we need to begin. Knowing there is grace enables the offender to confess much more quickly and genuinely, stunned by the assurance of safety they have just received.

And receiving is the key.

When we really blow it, or even blow it just a little by spilling the milk, there is nothing we can do to earn or deserve forgiveness from God or from anyone else. Forgiveness is always given. It is always a gift.

What a joy it is for the believer, who has received so much grace, to re-gift it over and over, spreading the transforming power of the gospel to those like us, who have slammed into the retaining wall and have been restored by Jesus, who points us to the cross and says, “There is grace for that.”