Fruitful Parenting Seminar Info.

Creekstone is hosting a free parenting seminar led by Kristy and me this Sunday evening at the Dahlonega Market Place on the Square from 5:30-7:00 p.m. Childcare will be available at the Creekstone offices. Please note that space is limited.

In this seminar, many practical parenting issues will be covered, including:

  • The difference between behavior modification and heart transformation
  • How to unintentionally promote teenage rebellion
  • The significance of “the parenting pyramid”
  • Ways we exasperate and discourage our children, and what we can do differently
  • The purpose and process of discipline
  • Why to demand “first time obedience”
  • Explaining the “why and how” behind the “what”
  • The difference between childishness and foolishness
  • How to use diagnostic questions to reach your child’s heart
  • Why parental repentance may be the most significant factor in teaching children the gospel
  • How to prepare your children to be a blessing to you and others in restaurants, grocery stores, in class, on play dates, etc.
  • The difference between bribing behavior and rewarding skill
  • How to deal with sibling rivalry and fighting
  • Why the skill of listening is so critical for parenting
  • The necessity of providing a safe place to express feelings, challenge rules and ask questions
  • How parenting essentially is discipleship
  • The vast difference between discipline and punishment
  • The danger of promoting a child’s “self-esteem”
  • The difference between being innately, morally good and being perfectly, unconditionally loved
  • What can we say when we see spiritual fruit?
  • The significance of the marriage relationship in parenting
  • And more!

Here is a map to the marketplace—> Marketplace Map

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