Gospel Notes for This Sunday’s Message

This Sunday we will explore the gospel implications of 2 Corinthians 9:6-15. To get a head start, check out these notes from The Gospel Transformation Bible on these verses:

2 Cor. 9:6–15 Paul is careful to ground his call for Christian obedience in the grace that we have been given in Christ. Obedience is an attempt to express our gratitude for the inexpressible gift that we have received (v. 15). Our abounding good works flow out of Christ’s abounding grace (v. 8). The distribution of our resources flows out of his free distribution (v. 9). We supply others because he has supplied us with a multitude of blessings (v. 10). Yes, there is a sense in which all of this is submission, but it is a submission to an authority of grace—a compulsion of responsive love. It is something that is naturally flowing from our “confession of the gospel of Christ” (v. 13). The result is the production and overflowing of thanksgivings to God (vv. 11–12).

If you find yourself lacking the impulse to give to those in need, you are likely forgetting the surpassing grace that was given to you while you were in need (v. 6). If you are unable to forgive, you have lost sight of the forgiveness that is yours in Christ. A forgiving heart is a forgiven heart. If you are unable to give something up, there is lack of appreciation for all that Christ gave up on your behalf. When you identify the area where gospel growth is lacking, you are identifying the place where you are failing to believe the gospel. Ask the Holy Spirit to make Christ and the gospel real to you. This is what the Spirit delights to do.