How Do You Deal with Relational Conflict?

Every relationship experiences some form of conflict. That’s not all bad. Sometimes conflict can be constructive. However, conflict also can be devastating to a relationship.  You probably know exactly what I mean. So, this week, as we discuss creating conflict versus making peace, I think you will find this topic to be one that is guaranteed to have an immediate impact on all of your relationships, from marriage, to parenting, to roommates and co-workers. Feel free to invite friends. I think that they will appreciate it.

By the way,  as you know by now, after six weeks of two services, we are back this Sunday to one service, which will begin at our normal time of 10:30 a.m., with the Cafe’ opening at 10:00. Come early for some Picnic Cafe’ coffee, muffins, scones and cinnamon rolls!

I’m looking forward to seeing you Sunday!