It is Hard Getting Used to Grace

Today I had lunch with a friend who made a comment that rocked me. He said something to the effect, “The key to sanctification is learning to get used to my justification.” That idea really struck me: I am called to get used to being the recipient of extravagant grace. I am called to get used to the fact that I have been fully forgiven, declared totally righteous and am dearly loved as a son. I am called to let that sink in and define me. But to be honest, it is so hard getting used to extravagant grace. I continually feel as if I need to merit God’s favor or earn his approval or do pennance when I’ve blown it so that I can be on God’s good side again. However, the cross tells me that there is nothing I can do to improve my status with God and nothing I can do to diminish it. Because of the gospel, I am on God’s good side—forever. I am forgiven, righteous and loved—and all by grace. Period. Believing (i.e., getting used to that) is the calling of the gospel in my life every day. Grace. Period. Get used to it!