Kristy’s 20 Year High School Reunion- Part 4

While in Mississippi for the reunion, we enjoyed some great time with the family. Before we left Georgia for Mississippi, Nini asked each one of our children what they wanted Nini to have waiting for them when they arrived. While Schaeffer wanted Oreos, and Ann Ferris requested Doritos, Sarah Wynn asked for (and received) a birthday party in July (her real b’day is in January) and requested a cake with purple candles, because (as Sarah Wynn says) purple is a “girl color.” Nini searched far and wide until she did, in fact, find purple candles!  Another fun, memorable moment was the family playing Wii American Idol. Lots of laughs… and cheers. 

Lighting the candles 

Blowing out the candles

SWC singing for Simon

“Somewhere over the rainbow…”

The kids with cousins upstairs watching a movie on an air mattress (and a sofa).