Monteagle- Days 13 and 14

Day 13 (Saturday) was highlighted by a number of fun activities: a picnic and (very cold/frigid) swim at Rutledge Falls, a pet show and ice cream sundae social, and dinner at Four Seasons (again!). Day 14 (Sunday/today) was “pack it up and head home day” (and back to the real world).

Here are some pictures from our morning and picnic at Rutledge Falls (our new favorite swimming hole hang out) and the ice cream social.

With the kids in front of the falls

The kids and friends in front of the falls

The perfect swimming hole (if you can get used to the frigidity of the water)

That water is painfully cold (that’s me in front of the falls- but not for long!)
Climbing the left side of the falls.

The Sundae bar


Posing with her Sundae