Out of the Pit: God’s Rescue Through Substitution

Last night’s Creekstone message on Psalm 40:1-3 described David being rescued from a miry pit of despair. The gospel tells us that we are delivered from the stench and curse of the bog because the Lord took us out and put us on “a rock.” A stable, firm, safe place. But there is more. I have been placed upon the rock, the foundation of Jesus’ righteousness/obedience/moral merit, because Jesus took my place in the pit. That is what the cross is about—rescue through substitution. Jesus did not just teach from an ivory tower. He got his hands dirty. Bloody. Yes, I will experience trials and (often intense) pits of sadness, pain and suffering, but because of the gospel, I can know that I will never experience the deepest and most abysmal pit–ever–because Jesus experienced it for me.