Deeply Flawed and Dearly Loved

  The struggle is real. Martin Luther knew this. In 1535, Luther, a German professor of theology coined a phrase that many believers have found helpful to describe an ongoing struggle that every disciple of Jesus faces throughout their entire life. This pithy Latin phrase is found in Luther’s commentary on Galatians,[i] where he says […]

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Praying Our Needs

Listen: When I set out to start Creekstone in 2009, my sending church required that I raise a substantial amount of funding to see us through our first three to five years. In any entrepreneurial venture there often are significant start-up costs including equipment purchases, meeting space rental fees, staffing, etc. The same is true […]

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Broken, but not Ruined

I have a friend in Mississippi who takes broken pottery and turns the pieces into beautiful picture frames. Most folks would just throw out the broken pieces. Ruined. But to her, the broken pieces are beautiful. In fact, she can’t use them until they are broken. The same is true with us. We can’t be […]

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Imagine: The Reality of Heaven

LISTEN  NOTES: In 1971, John Lennon challenged the world to Imagine. The Beatle’s had broken up by spring ’70… solo career… “Imagine all the people…” Imagine there’s no heaven, It’s easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people living for today. In the song, Lennon confesses to […]

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Property Details

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION 3544 South Chestatee Street, Dahlonega Parcel number: 081 011 Tax district: county Millage rate:  22.774 Acres 9.00 Assessed value: $231,000 TRANSACTIONS Last Sale Price: $750,000 in 2008 Bank Foreclosure Price: $315,000 in 2014 Contract Price: $220,000 OTHER Re-zoning application: B2 City annexation application: yes Metes and bounds has been submitted and accepted by […]

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The Rumor is True

Yes, the rumor is true. Creekstone is under contract for a 9 acre tract of property (which includes a home on a full basement) on Highway 60/Chestaee Street, across from Achasta and next door to River Knoll (on the GA 400 side). A bank owned foreclosure, the selling price is $220,000. This means that we could move […]

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Welcome Back Pot-Luck Sign Up

This coming Sunday, Aug. 23, is not only Creekstone’s 5th Anniversary, but it is our annual “Welcome Back Pot-Luck” for our new and returning UNG students. With upwards of 200 students expected this Sunday (a possible attendance of 400 or more), we are asking evah-body to bring TWO dishes. Yes ma’am,TWO DISHES! It is going to […]

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