When the Roof Blows Off

What we notice when reading the first two chapters of this gospel is that Matthew very clearly sees the birth of Jesus as fulfilling numerous ancient promises that were foretold hundreds and hundreds of years before the incarnation of Christ a human being. This promise-fulfillment motif is the basis for our current series in Matthew […]

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“Goodbye, Gracie.”

Today our family said goodbye to Gracie, our eldest dog. She is now buried in our backyard in the woods near the creek — a place on our property that we will treasure. At 12 years old, she was no young pup anymore. But as the alpha sibling of three other mutts, Gracie was wise. […]

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Reflections on Being a Father

It is Father’s Day 2017 and I am away from the crew I love the most, my wife and three children. Typically, we all go together to our family cottage in Tennessee for two weeks each June. However, this year, while they were with me here in the cottage last week, numerous forces collided to […]

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The Sun Also Rises (Ruth 2:1-13)

Listen here:  Ernest Hemingway’s first novel, The Sun Also Rises, follows a troupe of characters through Spain in 1920s Europe who represented what became known as “the lost generation.” The “lost generation” describes those who came of age during the horrors of WWI, a generation usually identified with those born between 1883 and 1900. Gertrude […]

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In Light of Recent Tragic Events

On March 25 of 1976, I was knocked off of a stool in my grandmother’s kitchen while we were baking cookies. Only later did we discover that it was a major tremor from the New Madrid fault line that travels down the Mississippi River from St. Louis to just south of Memphis. That tremor registered […]

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