3 Ways Elders are Pacesetters

Quick Navigation Pace CarsElders Show Us How to CareElders Show Us How to ServeElders Show us How to Lead”Will You Give Your Blood?” Pace CarsThe first use of a pace car in automobile racing took place in 1911 at the inaugural Indy 500.A pace car is designed to do just what it says—it sets the […]

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A Goalie’s Sacrifice: When Authority is Responsibility and Submission is Grace

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGEBefore you listen to the audio message or read this post, I want to make it explicit that there is absolutely no room whatsoever to excuse any form of marital abuse (emotional, physical, financial, verbal, etc.).  In a day when domestic violence and abuse is at epidemic levels, we need to let abused women […]

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Feedback Improves Leadership

Sally Smith, CEO of the popular Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain, was asked, “What are some things you’ve learned about leading people?” I’m always seeking feedback. My leadership team does a performance review on me each year for the board. It’s anonymous. They can talk about my management style or things I need to work […]

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Paradoxical Leadership

Dan Allender, in his book, Leading with a Limp, asks a question, “Is living out the gospel in this world meant to be marked by an inverted, paradoxical, mysterious twist on what most people expect of a leader?” He answers with a resounding “yes,” saying that the paradox of biblical leadership is that the chief leader must be […]

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Unschooled, Ordinary Men

God chooses and uses the weak things of this world to accomplish supernatural results in ministry. I think we need to emphasize “supernatural,” because there can also be “worldly” results in the church. Numbers. Programs. Energy. Fame. And so we look for leaders like Saul. Big. Impressive. Powerful. But God’s model for a leader would […]

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Nobody is Merely a Volunteer

When Paul described the church as a body, he did not distinguish between the paid staff and the volunteer team. Yes, some folks are called to vocational ministry as “staff.” However, their role is not to do the ministry. Rather, Paul says in Ephesians 4 that the purpose of those in formal leadership positions are […]

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Disappointing Many to Please One

I’m re-reading through Dan Allender’s book, Leading with a Limp, and wanted to share some helpful info concerning laziness, busyness and calling. “A lazy person does little nothing while a busy person does almost everything, but the similarity is that both refuse to be intentional. Busyness is the moral equivalent of laziness.” p. 128 “The […]

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Focus on Better, Not Bigger

Years ago during a Chick-Fil-A board meeting, the discussion was about what to do about Boston Chicken (later Boston Market), which had developed an aggressive strategy to become the first ever billion-dollar-in-sales chicken restaurant by the year 2000. The board members were talking about how they, too, needed to get bigger in order to compete. […]

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Twelve Leadership Values

Yesterday after the morning service, we had our quarterly Leadership Collaborative for those serving in lead roles on Ministry Teams, K-Groups, and other areas of ministry. In addition to generating some great ideas for future ministry, we discussed twelve characteristics that we value in those who lead at Creekstone. Here is a brief survey: 1. […]

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