Wedding Words

I had the privilege to speak these words at a wedding this past weekend. However, I find that, after almost 19 years of marriage, I am the one who needs to hear these “wedding words” the most. When two people are united in marriage, they pledge their commitment to love to each other for life. […]

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Why Me?

This week on American Idol, Casey Abrams, who is a favorite among the judges, was eliminated before he made it to the top ten. The procedure for those who receive the least number of votes that week is to sing one last time before the judges, hoping that they will use their “save” to keep the contestant […]

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The Disciple Jesus Loves

The apostle John called himself the disciple whom Jesus loved. This is not a statement of arrogance, but of humble conviction. After all, John did not mention himself by name in his gospel. Such a self-description was a practical demonstration that his identity was defined by the love of Jesus— a love that was confirmed […]

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