When Grief is Woven into the Story

“He writes into our story places of grief and brings glory out of them. And the glory isn’t always displayed in healing. When we talk about blessing we post on Facebook about going to the beach and we hashtag blessed. We attribute blessing only to those things that are happy or pain free or what we consider to be good. But is it possible to be in a place of extreme brokenness and say, ‘Somehow, someway God is in it and God is working and he’s going to be glorified through it and it’s going to be a blessing. I can’t see it now. I have to believe this.’ And so part of living in this world as disciples of Jesus is to learn how to suffer well. Is to learn how to say, “I will be patient; I will trust God through it.” Yet it often is through tears that we do this. We are called to not only suffer well, but then to die well. With hope—a confident hope and a joyful patience, that this life is not all there is. That it is but a tiny spec on the scope of eternity and that God is with us in this moment. So we do not discount the reality of the tears. We don’t give platitudes and expect people to be ‘okay’ because this is what God has planned. No, it’s not a good thing, but it’s a thing where God is working in our lives, knowing that this world is not our eternal home.”

From the sermon, “Are We Asking the Wrong Question?”

Thanks to Nathan Kelly for transcribing these quotes from last Sunday’s message and sending them to me.